Welcome to Happy Day Horse Farm!

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Welcome to the Happy Day Horse Farm family!

We have a few different breeds of horses here but mostly we focus on the American Quarter Horse. We have other farm animals as well such as chickens and Nigerian Dwarf goats.  Our farm manager is a Border Collie named, Aussie.  He was a rescue that we thought was an Australian Shepherd until our agility trainer assured us that he was a full blooded Border Collie.  Aussie makes sure the horses are not getting into anything they shouldn’t be. I don’t know what we’d do without him.  Our Lab, Tag, is a duck school flunky but he is Aussie’s best friend.  We recently added two German Shepherds to the family, Rebel and Happy.  Happy Day Horse Farm is our little piece of heaven on earth where you can relax, ride, take a lesson and of course find the perfect horse you’ve been looking for.

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