Filming for American Rebel

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The new TV show, American Rebel, on the Pursuit Channel airs Friday nights 8:30pm CST.  American Rebel is all about supporting the 2nd Amendment, our veterans and living the American dream.  Hosts, Andy Ross and Dede Day travel America playing music, riding horses, shooting guns and meeting men and women who have served our great country.

Happy Day Horse Farm sponsors a segment in American Rebel that features Dede and her horses.  The first filming for that segment was a trail ride on the Natchez Trace in Tennessee.  Joined by friends Dolly Pierson, Wendy McGomery, Christina Aldendifer and Christi Baeuerlee, the day starts at Happy Day Horse Farm where the girls get ready, load up and head to the trail.  Once there they tack up and head down the trail to the Monument of the War of 1812. About thirty minutes down the trail the skies start getting dark.  Wendy checks her phone and alerts the girls that a major storm is moving in.  Racing back to the trailers parked at the trail head the girls make it just in time to get the horses and themselves to safety.  What a day! You never know what’s going to happen on a trail ride!

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