Dogs First Trail Ride

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With so much rain this winter the creeks on the trail are full of water! This is Happy and Rebel’s first time on the trail and as you will see they had a blast!

Happy 2017!

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What an amazing year this has been! Andy and I are grateful for our many blessings and to be living our American dream! Here’s to 2017 and all the new adventures it brings.  Here’s to living in this great Country and all the sacrifices that have been made for our freedoms. May God bless you with love, peace and making … Read More

Training Update on Beauty

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It’s like she’s done it 100 times!  I am in awe of Beauty’s progress.  The first time under saddle I asked her to back she collected and backed right up.  We, of course, haven’t even worked on collection yet.  This filly has such a good head on her shoulders.  She always keeps her cool.  Nothing is a problem for her. … Read More

Filming for American Rebel

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The new TV show, American Rebel, on the Pursuit Channel airs Friday nights 8:30pm CST.  American Rebel is all about supporting the 2nd Amendment, our veterans and living the American dream.  Hosts, Andy Ross and Dede Day travel America playing music, riding horses, shooting guns and meeting men and women who have served our great country. Happy Day Horse Farm … Read More

Welcome to Happy Day Horse Farm!

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  Welcome to the Happy Day Horse Farm family! We have a few different breeds of horses here but mostly we focus on the American Quarter Horse. We have other farm animals as well such as chickens and Nigerian Dwarf goats.  Our farm manager is a Border Collie named, Aussie.  He was a rescue that we thought was an Australian … Read More