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Check in April and October for Baby Goats

Meet Happy Day Horse Farm’s Nigerian Dwarf Goat herd.

This is Millie May.  Our very first NDG and nanny to Happy Day Horse Farm.

This is, Ammo, our first buck.  Born in October of 2014, he came to the farm at just four weeks old and was a bottle baby.

He has grown into a very friendly magnificent buck.

In the Spring of 2016 Millie May had twins by Ammo.

Meet Amara and Amari.

Autumn’s Song and her buckling, Gunner, joined our herd in late Spring 2016.

Gunner is going to be a fabulous buck for our herd.

Kimber Blue came from Flannery Farms to join our herd in the Spring of 2016 as well.